What can you expect when becoming a volunteer?

Being a volunteer with Royal Voluntary Service is a bit different from other kinds of community volunteering.

In short, we give you the chance to match your skills and talents with the roles that suit you best.

The most important thing is that the whole experience is enjoyable and makes a real difference to everyone involved.

You could be providing companionship to a patient in hospital, helping to run an activity, giving someone a lift to the shops, chatting to someone in their own language or simply being there for a person who needs a friendly face.

What you can expect when becoming a Royal Voluntary Service volunteer


Kickstarting your volunteer journey

You might be 100% committed to volunteering or in two minds about whether it’s right for you.

However you’re feeling, the team at Royal Voluntary Service is here to make the first steps of your volunteer journey as easy as possible.

kick starting your journey as a Royal Voluntary Service volunteer


Getting started as a volunteer

It all starts with you, and a conversation, you may have a lot of questions about volunteering, so our experienced team is here to answer all of them.

We’ll also have a few questions for you. Tell us how much time you have to give, the skills that you can offer, your reasons for volunteering and what interests you. This helps us create an opportunity that is right for you and your talents.

Getting started as a Royal Voluntary Service volunteer

The work of our volunteers

Once you know the kind of role that’s right for you, you could find yourself volunteering in a number of different situations.

You can also support projects, clubs and groups by sharing your skills and talents in fundraising, digital and social media, marketing and communications, admin support, recruitment and more.

Our aim is to make volunteering easy and ensure that everyone enjoys the experience, both the volunteers and the people that come along to our activities and services.

When you become a volunteer with Royal Voluntary Service, you’ll receive help and support throughout your life. After all, everyone who volunteers has made a valuable contribution to the lives of others, it’s only fair that they should get help when they need it.

The work of our Royal Voluntary Service volunteer


Here’s how volunteering works

You’ll get plenty of information when you start volunteering with us but to make it as easy as possible, here are a few things that you might need to know.

Induction and training

You’ll receive a thorough induction before you start volunteering with us. You’ll also get all the training you need to carry out your voluntary role.

Support while you volunteer

We will support you with everything you do during your volunteering time with us, this may be from an allocated volunteer buddy or your manager/volunteer coordinator. You can discuss your volunteering experience with them and share any issues or problems you might be facing.


We aim to reimburse all reasonable travel expenses incurred whilst volunteering.


As long as you’ve been approved or authorised by us first, you’ll be covered for all voluntary work that you do for us.


We obviously don’t want our volunteers to do anything while volunteering that might be unsafe or harmful. That’s why you’ll be informed of our safe working practices when you start.


To make sure that you’re able to support vulnerable people, all volunteers go through a DBS check if your role needs one (previously known as a CRB check). Volunteers in Scotland will have a Disclosure Scotland check.  We also ensure that risk assessments are carried out for your role and the environment that you will be in.


At Royal Voluntary Service, we embrace diversity. Our volunteers have different backgrounds, cultures, skills and experiences, as do the people they support.

Reward and recognition

Royal Voluntary Service’s rewards and recognition scheme recognises the achievements of volunteers.


All volunteer information is kept confidential within Royal Voluntary Service. As a volunteer, we’ll also expect you to maintain the confidentiality of any information you might handle during your time with us.

Ongoing support

The WRVS Benevolent Trust offers one-off grants to our volunteers, both past and present, who find themselves in need of financial assistance. 

Friends of Royal Voluntary Service allows us to stay connected with our past volunteers and offer them support, should they ever need it.

Here's how volunteering works at Royal Voluntary Service


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"She asks me to read to her but we always end up just talking!"
John, Community Companions volunteer, London
John’s career in the oil industry took him all over the world. He uses his talent in languages when visiting Stella who is from Spain.