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In every corner of Britain, Royal Voluntary Service mobilises volunteers to support those in need, in hospital and in the community. Through the gift of voluntary service, our volunteers provide much-needed support for over-stretched public services.

Our volunteers work at scale in the NHS, freeing up NHS staff to dedicate more time to patient care, and within communities to give practical help and support to people when they need it.

"I feel proud to be playing my part in helping others during the pandemic and will continue to for as long as my help is needed."
Sonia, 30, is an NHS Volunteer Responder from London
When Sonia contracted COVID-19, she felt very helpless when she couldn’t pop to the pharmacy to get some medicine for her daughter. She had friends and family to ask for help, but realised how tough it must be for people who don’t have a support network to call upon.
"Some of the people I speak to don’t have friends or family nearby and are lonely, anxious or in very difficult situations."
Denise is a NHS Volunteer Responder from Birkenhead, The Wirral
Denise likes talking to people, is a qualified counsellor and a good listener which are the perfect skills for a Check In and Chat Volunteer. She thought her lack of mobility would mean she couldn’t help but she has been busy making calls to people all over England who are isolating or shielding.
"I enjoy listening to my client’s stories and seeing his mood improve during our calls. He’s always so grateful when I call."
Sameer, 17, is a Community Companions Volunteer from West Sussex
Inspired by his Dad’s volunteering experiences, Sameer makes weekly calls to an older gentleman who lives alone, checking how he is and chatting about his day. Sameer has seen a marked improvement in his client’s outlook during that time, which he has found hugely rewarding.
"It’s reassuring to people I support to know that I’m here to help. It can be quite lonely and difficult being on your own."
Adie, 21, is a Supporting Your Recovery Volunteer from Bristol
Adie supports vulnerable, older or isolated people who have come out of hospital by helping them to settle back in and home, providing them with company and helping with things like shopping and prescriptions. She volunteers in her spare time while at university.
"I’ve met some fascinating people... and enjoy sharing humour and light-heartedness that can bring smiles to faces."
Sally, is an On Ward Volunteer from Anglesey
Keen to support the NHS, Sally offers companionship to older people recovering from falls, surgery and strokes. As hospital stays can be stressful, Sally helps them to relax and pass the time and supports the work of nursing and hospital staff, enabling patients to return to health.
"I enjoy the friendships I’ve made… We’re like a family and never stop laughing, it’s great fun."
June, is a Lunch Club Volunteer Coordinator from East Yorkshire
A volunteer for over 30 years running hospital shops and patient support services, June set up Bridlington Lunch & Social Club. Recently, with the club unable to meet, June and her volunteers set up a foodbank providing weekly food parcels and essentials for members struggling at home.
"During lockdown, it’s been particularly good to talk to people. Volunteering has really helped build my confidence."
Derrick, 30, is a Retail Volunteer from Glasgow
Derrick has volunteered for several years. Starting in our café, Derrick enjoyed preparing orders, clearing tables and serving customers. Moving to the shop meant that he could broaden his retail experience, learning new skills like stock replenishment and using the till system.
"All the volunteers are treated with great respect. I love every minute of it and feel proud to be a volunteer."
Christine, 64, is an NHS Volunteer Responder from Cambridgeshire
Christine signed up to be a Steward Volunteer at a local vaccination site in February. She hoped that volunteering would help provide some relief from her grief following the recent death of her mother. It did far more than that, bringing Christine joy, satisfaction and friendship.
"There have been many memorable moments in my five years as a volunteer but seeing clients smile is all I need."
Steve is a Volunteer Driver from Aberdeenshire
Steve supports people that don’t have friends or family nearby to live more independently. He drives people to social activities, shopping trips and medical appointments so they can stay connected. During COVID-19 he is delivering groceries to clients that need them.
"It’s a brilliant feeling to know I have helped so many local people who would have struggled to get their prescriptions."
Harry, 19, is an NHS Volunteer Responder from Lincolnshire
When Harry was furloughed from his job, he was keen to do something constructive with his spare time. Having always wanting a career in the emergency services, volunteering on the front line of the pandemic seemed liked a great way to gain some experience.

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