Retail Volunteering

Wide range of locations available

Where will you be volunteering?

We're looking to recruit students either on a gap year or still in education. Royal Voluntary Service has over 200 retail shops and cafés throughout the country many of which are now safely re-opening and again welcoming customers patients and NHS staff following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Register your interest for this role and we will contact you as soon as you are needed to support your local NHS. 

All opportunities are available to anyone over the age of 18 with some local sites offering opportunities to those aged 14 and above. 

When will you be volunteering

You can volunteer at anytime within the following time slots

Monday flexible to suit you [location dependant]
Tuesday flexible to suit you [location dependant]
Wednesday flexible to suit you [location dependant]
Thursday flexible to suit you [location dependant]
Friday flexible to suit you [location dependant]
Saturday flexible to suit you [location dependant]
Sunday flexible to suit you [location dependant]

What will you be doing?

Retail Volunteers are needed in our shops cafés and trolley services to sell items such as food drinks and hygiene products to patients visitors and staff in our hospital or health care centre shops. We also have roles behind the scenes. Being in hospital or visiting friends and family can be a difficult time so volunteers will also be a friendly and compassionate point of contact for customers.

You'll need to have a friendly personality and good communication and listening skills. This is an ideal opportunity if you want to make new friends and develop your skills and experience in a hospital and retail environment. We also have opportunities available for people with specific skills so please tell us what your strengths are when we meet.

Please note: not all roles are suitable for under 18s

This role would suit someone who wants to

Be part of something
You want to have a regular place to go or a group of people to meet with regularly. You could join one of our friendly teams volunteering in your local hospital or be a part of one of the hundreds of groups and clubs who are supporting local people in your area.

Exercise values and beliefs
You believe people should have more options and control in their lives. You feel that communities shouldn’t allow people to become isolated and we should support our local groups and services. Whatever you choose to do, you will make others feel valued whilst having a real impact in your community.

Help others
You enjoy helping others and having a positive impact on someone’s life. You may have received this help yourself and now want to give such a gift back or maybe you would like to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Learn new skills
You may want to improve your confidence or gain new skills and experience. Volunteering can be an exciting stepping stone towards the next stage of your career or life whilst giving back to your community.

Make a difference
You want to have more influence and feel like you’re genuinely improving your local community. As well as helping out in local communities and hospitals, you could set up and lead a group or activity of your choice.

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In a nutshell

We have several roles where you would work as part of a friendly team providing a service to people within a hospital setting. You'll develop customer service and practical retail skills.

Be part of something
Exercise values and beliefs
Help others
Learn new skills
Make a difference

Apply now and we'll be in touch with what to do next.

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