What are Hospital Trolleys?

Our hospital trolley services offer trolley-loads of newspapers and magazines, healthy snacks, drinks, treats, toiletries and other essentials to buy on hospital wards.

When you steer one of our hospital trolleys around the wards, you’ll be delivering more than just the daily paper and a tasty treat. You’ll be giving patients a friendly face and someone new to talk to.

And if English isn’t their first language, you could also help by speaking to someone in their mother tongue, if you happen to have that skill.

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What are Hospital Trolleys from Royal Voluntary Service


How Hospital Trolleys can make a difference

Let’s face it, no one wants to be in hospital. It can be a lonely, stressful and uncertain time.

For those people craving a bit of company, as well as a healthy snack, our hospital trolley volunteers can make all the difference and help to ease the anxiety and loneliness that people sometimes experience during a stay in hospital.

Taking the time to stop and chat with patients, you can help break up the monotony of life on a hospital ward and provide a much-needed link with the outside world.

There are so many benefits of becoming a hospital trolley volunteer, including the chance to:

  • Meet new people on your trolley rounds
  • Form bonds with patients, visitors and staff in the hospital
  • Be active and on the move
  • Support patients as a bilingual or multilingual volunteer and speak to them in their own language

By volunteering to join our hospital trolley service you can help us reach more patients, in more wards, much more often.

Every hospital trolley helps to ease the stress and upheaval experienced during a hospital stay – and by bringing your individual talents to the table, you can make other’s lives a little easier in your own unique way.

You will also provide a valuable service to the NHS staff in the hospital. Since many are too busy to visit our Hospital Shops and Cafés, the trolley gives them a boost of energy from a healthy snack or a friendly chat. You can also help by volunteering your bedside manner and becoming an On Ward volunteer.

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How Hospital Trolleys from Royal Voluntary Service make a difference


Helping your talent shine

Whether you’ve volunteered before or you’re offering your skills and talents for the first time, we know that volunteers need all the help and support they can get.

That’s why we make sure that you’ll receive a full induction with training to ensure that you know exactly what to expect on the wards, including the route you need to take around the hospital, your workwear and some do`s and don`ts when you’re out and about.

It’s important that you gain as much from your voluntary role as the people you come into contact with.

You’ll also have access to one-to-one guidance as and when you need it. Our team of experienced hospital trolley volunteers will be happy to share their knowledge, experience and a few of the hints and tips they’ve learnt along the way.

Our volunteers choose to join us for many different reasons, but ultimately we hope you’re able to share your talents and skills in a way that works for you.

How Hospital Trolleys from Royal Voluntary Service Helps your talent shine
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