What is the Home Library Service?

As part of our Home Library Service, you’ll work with local libraries to select and deliver books and sometimes audio books, films and music to people who can’t get to their local library.

You don’t necessarily have to drive to do this role. Some volunteers deliver books, CDs and DVDs to people but you can also be based in a library, helping to select them for people who can’t get out.

If you are especially organised, you could volunteer your admin skills and help put together rotas for deliveries and prepare the books for collection.

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What is Home Library Services from Royal Voluntary Service


How Home Library Services can make a difference

For those unable to get to their local library, the pleasure of reading is easily lost.

Reading and listening to books, watching films and listening to music can help people rekindle memories of healthier and happier times.

Our Home Library Service may deliver to people who are housebound due to restricted mobility or disability, it could be for someone who cares for a dependant or those who are unable to drive.

A regular visit from a Home Library Service volunteer not only helps to keep people connected but also provides a useful check on the safety and well-being of people who find it difficult to get out and about.

The home library service isn’t just about delivering books. You can help by managing rotas or choosing and preparing the books, CDs or DVDs that you think people will enjoy.

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How Home Library Services from Royal Voluntary Service make a difference


Helping your talent shine

You may be volunteering for the first time or perhaps you’ve done it before but in a different role. Either way, you’ll get all the help and support you need to become a home library volunteer so that your skills can make a difference.

We’ve got plenty of experience to share, including a full induction to make sure that you know exactly what to expect. We’ll give you a toolkit to guide you through the process and provide you with one-to-one guidance whenever you need it.

It’s important that you gain as much from your voluntary role as the people you are helping. You’ll have access to people that have been home library volunteers for some time, providing plenty of the tips that they’ve learnt along the way to make volunteering an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Our volunteers choose to join us for many of different reasons, but ultimately we hope you’re able to share your talents and skills in a way that works for you.


Home Library Services from Royal Voluntary Service help your talents shine


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"I get to meet many interesting people to whom we can bring the beautiful gift of the written word."
Angela, Home Library Service volunteer, Bexley
Angela delivers books and company to those who, for whatever reason are unable to get to the local library.