What are Community Sheds?

Community Sheds are spaces where people can come together to take part in practical skills and activities.

Also known as Men’s Sheds or activity sheds, they are designed and run by their members to give people the chance to share tools, talents and resources in order to be creative, learn new skills and make friends.

The activities that takes place in them is up to the individual members. We’ve seen traditional crafts such as joinery, furniture renovation, metal work and mechanics, each shed meets the interests of its members. They may be known as Men’s Sheds but they aren’t exclusively for men and they are just as likely to include activities such as gardening, model making, photography or baking.  The possibilities are endless…

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What are Community Sheds from Royal Voluntary Service


How Community Sheds can make a difference

Sheds are more than just small rooms at the bottom of a garden. In fact, we call them Community Sheds because that’s precisely what they create; mini communities, irrespective of gender.

They’re an opportunity for you to meet like-minded people with similar interests and talents. But they’re also a great way to share your unique skills and learn some new ones along the way.

While each Shed will be used for different activities and appeal to different people, they all have one thing in common. They help people have fun and make lifelong friends through creativity in a relaxed and rewarding environment.

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How Community Sheds from Royal Voluntary Service make a difference


Helping your talent shine

Working with the national Shed Associations, we’re supporting the development of Sheds across Britain.

Whether this is your first time volunteering or you’re a seasoned volunteer but you’ve never set up a community or activity shed before, we’re here to help so your skills can make a difference.

It’s important that you get as much from your voluntary role as the people you come into contact with. We’ll offer advice to help you start your own Community Shed.

You’re bound to have lots of questions. We can help with things like:

  • Keeping the running costs of your Shed down
  • How to decide what is best for your Shed
  • The types of governance and organisational structures that are available
  • Finding sources of funding and putting together a sustainable funding plan
  • Health & Safety and Risk Assessments
  • Promoting your Shed
  • Fundraising activities.

Our volunteers choose to join us for a number of different reasons, but ultimately we hope you’re able to share your talents and skills in a way that works for you.

How Community Sheds from Royal Voluntary Service help your talent shine through
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"Royal Voluntary Service helped us with sources of funding, tools and publicity. Such excellent support is invaluable."
Community Shed volunteer coordinator, Leek
The Gateway Shed was set up with support from Royal Voluntary Service.